Save Kiana Firouz

Normally I don’t try to get involved in politics. Quite frankly it depresses me, because it looks like we’re either being run by beings that have been so thoroughly devoured by some supernatural evil it would be an insult to call them human or they are bumbling fools who have no idea what is really going on. However, at the moment I am working out all my pent up rage and frustration at the world via Kiana Firouz, a woman who I have recently discovered on the Internet and, though her life hangs in the balance is receiving no media attention right now. I am disgusted that something like this is even capable of happening.

The basic story is that Kiana Firouz is an Iranian lesbian who is now facing execution in her homeland because of her role in a movie called “Cul de Sac” which apparently shows her having sex with another woman. Now, admittedly, that is kind of stupid, but the problem is that she is going to die and she shouldn’t half to. She isn’t harming anyone and should be allowed to love whom she wants. Now, she is being forced back to Iran were she will in all likelihood be killed.

There has been very little media attention in English on this subject, and it worries me considering her life is at stake. Here we have someone who could be facing death because a few people can’t see past their own preconceptions that they can’t see they are murderers, and no one seems to be doing anything to stop it. I’ve sighed the petition to save her life and sent an email to the people who are deporting her, which I hope is not to angry. It was very short and did not show signs of being a very thought out or formal letter, which is how you need to talk to government officials. I’m just boiling with anger at this entire thing, to think that this woman is more or less dieing and that the people who could save her aren’t doing anything. So now I’m going to through out my own attempts to save her because someone has to help the people who nobody seems to give a damn about.

Email the proper government officials in Britain at:

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You can stop this, ForĀ  the love of God write a letter and sign the petition.