Pencils For Kids

As many people who know me can tell you, I like pencils. At last count I had 56, but since then I have gotten more since then. Usually I carry three near me for the purposes of writing. Practically all of my poetry starts out with pencils.

Today, my mom taught me about Pencils for Kids. Pencils for Kids is “a not-for-profit grassroots organization, to support the educational needs of the community of Libore in Niger, Africa. Basically, the school system in Libore is so poor that thirty children have to share a pencil. One pencil. Hearing that I began to cry, because the thoughts of children being deprived of something like a pencil is almost like someone not being allowed to have food to me. This is why I want everyone to know about Pencils for Kids, and to give them lots and lots of money. My parents get me a box of 97 pencils for my birthday every year and that can’t be more then ten dollars. You can find the Pencils for Kids go to to donate. They need alot of money, not just for pencils but for books to write in and actual schools.

Please donate and give them lots of money.