Physically I’d describe myself as a skinny, hairy guy who tries to dress in a shabby way that I presume looks cool. I usually carry a large amount of books on me at any time, which ranges from Christian Mysticism to Modernist Poetry to science fiction novels. I may be trying to have a conversation with one or more squirrels.

Mentally and Spiritually, I have Aspergers Syndrome and am searching for the ultimate meaning of life. I’m confused with everything, fascinated and angry at most things. I believe in God, but that is about the extent of it at this point. I like picking fights with radical atheists, and I have been known to declare members of the religious right heretics. I take elements of Sufism, Kabbalah, the Western Mystery Tradition and Hinduism. I have lightly considered becoming a priest, or joining the Golden Dawn. Simply put, I am a seeker.

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