What Am I Thinking About Now?: Reading, Writing, and The Threat of the Machine Logos

I could give an excuser why I haven’t blogged, but I’m not going to. I just didn’t, maybe my blogging abilities have run dry. I have no real desire to blog and this one may be cut off short because of the way the keyboard is working. You have no idea how many spelling mistakes I’ve made an I know how to freakin type.

A good reason why I haven’t been working on my novel. It’s at a bit of a dry spot at the moment as I have lost some of my fire. Let that be a lesson to you kids, when your working on a scene get it done as soon as possible or you’ll get board. I’ve also tried writing poetry, but at the moment all my poetry seems to be about visions of the apocalypse, which probably says more about my own angsiaties then the Mayan Calander.  Not to say that my novel is all happy fun-times. What started out as a book to bang out my frustrations against the Bush administration has turned into a meditation on the nature of faith in a world that seems to be ruled by evil forces. What is the purpose of God in the world? Why do bad things happen to good people? That sort of thing. As far as my mental health goes, this is not helping. Last night I was up till the wee hours reading “The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and its scientific pretensions,” by David Berlinski, mostly so I could get over the anxiety that is the entire debate. This whole Science+Atheism+Materialism freaks the hell out of me, and the fact that the one guy who knows the most about science is a transhumanist and believes we will be uploaded into machine clouds to live eternally is kind of scary. I find it kind of disturbing why someone would want to do that, it’s to close to playing God for me. There’s also this whole aspect that he’s trying to control human thought, or at least get it so set up that someone else will be controlling my thoughts and I do not feel comfortable having thought police institutionalized. If the human brain is like a computer, like my transhumanist friend says, then it can be reprogrammed like a computer and be put to other uses. As computers do not seem to have independent consciousness, this is not a problem for them, but humans do have an independent consciousness. We can compute independently from outside forces, and by compute I mean imagine, do science and all that. I have difficulty getting this past my transhumanist friend, because I am a writer with a huge influence from William Blake and Alan Moore, I believe the world of the mind has legitimacy of it’s own. I’m sure my transhumanist friend is right and the natural world has it’s own beauty, but there is to much thought on conquering that beauty. From what I can see, science is just as easily used to destroy as it is to create. I can appreciate the natural world without knowing how the whole thing works, and I can appreciate it more without all the money-grubbing bastards drilling up oil only to have it splurt everywhere, or have entire mountains strip-mined. And further more, imagination is just as beautiful as the material world and so far not as ruined by the capitalists and the atheists, though I’m pretty sure these new atheists have no respect for that either. If they have no respect for God then they probably have no respect for the creative process, it’s fruits (especially in our western civilization, where it is all but impossible to truely move away from the Bible as an imaginative source of inspiration. See Dostoevsky, Melville, Ginsberg, compare “Joe Hill” with the story of Christ, and a bunch of other stuff.

Anyways, back to writing. I was worried about becoming known as a science fiction writer. As far as that goes, I think there is supposed to be at least some interest in science and as far as that goes I’m only interested in that as a way of trying to figure out how it can harm us. I do have ideas for science fiction, and I’ll be damned if I’m known totally as a writer of realist or naturalist fiction (though the idea is slightly appealing). I’m just ticked off at science for the most part, mainly since I see scientists as the self-righteous control freaks such as the Catholic Church. They want to stick themselves up as the only way to explain everything. I’m interested in consciousness though, mostly since I don’t understand it and am hoping that it is untouchable by these freaks. Anyways, my point is I don’t want to be known as a science fiction writer, so much as someone who writes something like science fiction. This may not be problem, as science fiction is becoming slightly more accepted in the field of literature, and the fact I’m also trying to become a poet I’m probably going to have that to stand on. Anyways, these worries are probably unfounded and I should get back to working on my novel.


  1. LLZ said,

    June 28, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    i still want to read what you have to say about remodernist literature

  2. Thomas said,

    July 19, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    Apocalypse, eh… wouldn’t that be awesome? I mean, only one generation of humans will get to see the end, and if we are that generation, I count myself among the luckiest of all humans. I wonder where this universe is going, and if I get to see it collapse and our race destroyed, that would be fascinating.
    Sounds a bit hard on the scientist to me (which is cool, no-one needs to set themselves up as the be-all end-all of explanation-generators). I think that science is a tool, just as religion (the structure, not spirituality) is a tool, and both of them are easily wielded by good and evil forces.
    Not all atheists are not bad folks just as not all are bad folks, but dark forces permeate every place and time, as well as every belief-structure.
    The trick, I think, comes in the bullshit that language is, naming something or someone. You say God, someone else says Allah, someone else says Ultimate Reality, someone else says Nature, someone else says Impersonal Scientific Forces… is it not all the same thing at heart, with details blurring our vision?
    I mean, people fight over literal or figurative, the physical/metaphysical nature of Christ’s body, salvation vs liberation, prayer vs meditation, this and that, but what does that all have to do with Ultimate Reality?
    I think consciousness is the key, but it has not remained untouched by the scientific method. There is heavy research into that, one of the last frontiers left to humankind. We know that consciousness and the brain interact… which gives rise to which, I cannot say, it is unknown, but I am sure glad people are looking at it, trying to take the machine apart and figure out how it works.

  3. February 25, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    I certainly wouldn’t peg you as a science fiction writer. You seem more dystopian to me.

    I agree, you don’t have to understand the world to love it’s beauty, and the imagination only increases natures inspiration. I’d also agree with you over your friend that humans do have their own minds. We can’t crack codes to get into each others heads. However, there is a lot of data showing how much with think alike. If you look into the psychology of collecting statistical data, you’ll see that we think in groups and by inserting specific demographics one can tell what we will choose and how we will think. It’s creepy, yes, but it’s very true. It’s why voting polls, though they only include a sample of 200 people, can tell us the results beforehand with about 98% accuracy.

    If I have gotten it write and you are a dystopian writer, you should visit my blog “Kaleidoscope Thoughts: Life, Love, and Dystopia,” where I also talk about the process of working on my dystopian novel, now in the final editing pre-agent stages, critique at least 1 dystopian novel a week, and give general writing advice. (www.gblechman.blogspot.com)

    ❤ Gina Blechman

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